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We are 100% dedicated and go beyond the call of duty when it comes to satisfying our customers

Island Styles provides all the painting and pressure cleaning services you’ll need to protect your home or business from the Florida weather.  Whether you are cleaning your driveway or refreshing your business with new colors, with our hard-earned attention to detail and years of combined experience in the construction, general aviation, and manufacturing coatings industries, we look forward to providing you with the best possible outcome in an honest and timely fashion. 

These are great questions. To answer questions of such magnitude we would have to consider a few variables to include but not limited to:

Sq. footage of your project

Condition of the surfaces requiring service

The material or tooling required for services

Timing, transport, or environmental concerns

Safety requirements and risk mitigation consideration

While considering these very questions dive into Island Styles Florida and learn about our process and the services we provide.

Our Process

The process is simple

We provide the absolute best product your hard-earned money can buy.  We do that buy sourcing the best materials and tooling. Then we use our expertise in a way that makes your day. 

You schedule a consultation by filling out our online contact form, calling us or sending us an email with basic contact info (Name, phone, email, address, best time for contact and a brief description of what we can do for you) requesting consultation.


We reach out to you to schedule a consultation

Consultations range in length due to the complexity of the project.  Most range between 15-45 minutes.  Scheduling is flexible depending on customer need and Island styles availability.  Our regular Business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm.  After hours services are available contact for details. 

Now comes the fun part

Upon our arrival we will meet with you and discuss your painting, finishing or pressuring cleaning (full range of services) project at length to establish your wants and needs, explore all the possibilities and go over all the options.  During this time, we will be performing a thorough inspection of the project area, explaining our findings, taking measurements and notes, going over your color selections or consulting if need be.  Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you.  

Feel free to ask all the questions you have and voice any concerns there might be.   

In wrapping up the consultation the customer can secure services with a deposit (40%), schedule the job for a future date (taking into consideration deposit required 5 business days prior to job start for materials purchase, equipment acquisition, and or any other related expenses.) either in person at the time or through other contact means.  Quotes are valid for 30 days unless major alteration is made to project area at which time an amendment to the original quote would be required.   

Our Services

Interior Painting

Interior painting projects can be very simple.  Sometimes, for instance you just need a color change on the walls of a single room.   Other times there is extensive drywall repair and surface preparation required.  Regardless of which way it goes we have the solutions for you.  We have experienced staff who will treat your home or business with respect.  We practice cleanliness as a standard and use the many tools at our discretion such as drop cloths, plastics, paper, and tape to protect your furniture and belongings.  We apply coatings to all types of interior surfaces including walls, floors, ceilings, trim and doors.  In the painting industry surface preparation is very important so we patch basic drywall wear and tear (small patches and thumb tack and picture hanger holes), prime as needed and apply two coats of paint as a standard.  Additional interior services are available if needed more information can be found in those sections related to drywall repair and texture, popcorn ceiling removal, wood and concrete work and wallpaper removal.      

Drywall repair/ texture

Drywall and textured surfaces make up most of the area paint is applied to in buildings.  The majority of these areas are banged into, bumped up against, drawn on or in need of repair due to age or extenuating circumstances.   We offer a wide range of drywall and texture services including drywall repair, wall and ceiling texture applications and removals as well as wallpaper removal.  At Island Styles we understand how much taking control of the look of your interior spaces unlocks your potential to positively bond with your environment, adding texture to or repairing your drywall surfaces might provide the depth to take that relationship to the next level.    

Woodwork/ Custom furniture /Fine finishes

For thousands of years cultures spanning the globe have used wood to add strength and beauty to our spaces, to increase comfort and provide shelter.  At Island Styles we have spent years working with woods of all kinds.  We take pride in our craftsmanship and offer custom furniture and accent services; we also repair and refinish.  We offer limited faux finishes and are currently expanding our knowledge in order to provide a complete range of these services.  These projects are at times lengthy depending on the pieces to be designed or the surfaces to be covered, we provide in depth consultations, take design examples and can provide basic design drawings.          

Exterior Painting

When it comes to the exterior of a structure the most effective defense against the elements is a properly applied protective coating.  At Island Styles that’s exactly what we do.  We clean the exterior of your home or business with quality equipment per manufactures recommended methods and apply materials designed to secure your structure from the elements.  As with our other coating services surface preparation is key.  Surface preparation to exterior surfaces will be provided as standard as well as two coats of paint.  Additional exterior services are available find out more in the sections about wood and concrete staining and refinishing and pressure cleaning

Concrete Floors and pool decks, Garage floors and patios

These high traffic surfaces are some of the most daunting tasks when it comes to coatings.   Unless the concrete is in good clean condition these surfaces are difficult to adhere to with products reliably because of years of contamination from foot traffic and other factors.  At Island Styles we are outfitted with the tools and experience to eliminate these barriers and adhere quality products to your concrete surfaces for a good looking, long lasting finish.  We work with a variety of products including etching compounds and epoxies, sealers and stains and multiple pieces of equipment to prepare and apply a superior finish to your concrete surfaces.      

Cleaning Services

Your home or business is constantly exposed to the elements, it collects all kinds of debris, dirt, and pest residue.  These conditions allow lichen, mold, and mildew to grow severely reducing your exterior coatings abilities and brilliance. We have years of experience in the traditional methods of pressure cleaning and have invested our time and money to build the infrastructure required to provide our customers with a full range of exterior cleaning services.  Our Island Style is to incorporate the tried-and-true methods with the most innovative equipment and processes, deliver you clean customer service and a quality product.  

Pressure Cleaning

Soft Washing

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